Contact Info:
Dan Butterfield
Cedar Rapids - Toddville, Iowa
For Sale at Grandmas Dexter Farm
At Grandma's Dexter Farm, when buying an animal from us, we now have it
Genotyped and Parentage Verified when possible*.  We have them PHA and
Chondro tested as well*.  This insures that you know what you are buying
before it leaves the property.

*Steers are not Genotyped, Parentage Verified, Chondro Tested and PHA
tested unless requested, at buyer's expense.

We currently have 40 head of registered Dexter Cattle
for Sale.  Far too many to take pictures of and post here.

We have Red, Dun & Black
Horned, Dehorned and Polled
Shortleg & Longleg

High Quality Dexters - Our breeding stock has come
from coast to coast, selecting the best the breed has
had to offer.  I am taking a new job and won't be able to
handle a herd of this size.  These are not culls, but we
have to reduce numbers.  

I have limited time to answer phone calls, questions and
etc.  Please email or call to arrange a time to visit, see
the herd, hand feed them, and pick out the ones that are
a perfect addtion to your herd.

Dan Butterfield